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The Score at Half Time: Trends in Support for Independence

Author: John Curtice

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Conducted during the referendum on independence campaign, this report analyses the the two principal organisations campaigning for a Yes and No vote, Yes Scotland and Better Together, who both began campaigning in the middle of 2012.


But what impact had they collectively managed to have so far?

In this briefing we address this question by examining some of the key results from the 2013 Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) survey, and how they compare with previous surveys in this annual survey series. In particular, we examine the following questions:

  • Has there been a change in the level of support for and opposition to independence?
  • Has there been a change in the kind of people who are more likely to support or oppose independence?
  • Has there been a change in people’s perceptions of the consequences of independence – and of the deal that Scotland gets out of the Union?
  • Have people’s views become more sharply defined?
  • Have people come to feel better informed about what independence might mean?